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Coach Ellecia Benn-Williams

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Join date: Mar 7, 2023


I am a survivor who understands all too well the roller coaster ride of being in an unhealthy relationship.

I am a survivor who has experienced the effects of walking on eggshells to please someone else’s egotistical narcissistic behavior.

I am a survivor of divorce, depression, anxiety, emotional distress, guilt, grief, and imposter syndrome.

I am a survivor who can truly relate to the uncertainty you have about yourself and decisions you are ultimately considering concerning your future.

Through hard work, a renewed mindset, a strong desire for change, and discovering the right support group, today I am an OVERCOMER!

My mission is to support women by being the very person I needed during my time of adversities.

Having personally experienced these life challenges increased my desire to help women reclaim their God given power, heal their relationship wounds, increase their self confidence, turn uncertainty into clarity, and their pain into purpose stronger than ever before.

I am Ellecia Benn-Williams, CEO

Certified Professional Life and Relationship Coach,

& Transformational Speaker ready and well equipped to support and guide you on a journey to become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

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