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  • Are you feeling lost, afraid, confused, devalued, or unheard? Experiencing overwhelming thoughts to the point of pure exhaustion?  

  • Are you considering a way to escape an emotionally manipulative, dishonorable, controlling relationship?... If the answer is yes, please allow me to introduce myself.




My name is Ellecia Benn-Williams, CEO of Benn There Consulting, LLC, Certified Professional Life and Relationship Coach, and Transformational Speaker. 

I help middle-age women (35-65) to heal from relationship wounds, reclaim their dignity, self-respect, and confidence.  Transform their uncertainties into clarity and their pain into purpose.  I am also the founder and creator of ‘Benn There…Done That…Now What?’

A private Facebook group for women to connect, support, and empower one another.


I want to reassure you that what you are feeling is real.  Your emotions are your current truth and your pathway to freedom.  Through your unspoken words, ‘I hear your pain’, through your body language ‘I see your fears’, being the one projected as unbelievable,

‘I believe you’. 


I am well equipped to take you on a journey to ‘Freedom’.  You are worthy and intentionally created for a greater life purpose. It would be an honor to help navigate and support you on your journey to becoming a happier, healthier version of yourself.  


To learn more, book your ‘North Compass to Freedom’ consultation appointment by clicking on the link 


Coach Ellecia


In a relationship, you shouldn't have to think five steps ahead, walk on eggshells, anticipate their mood, take the blame for all of their tensions, read their mind, apologize for their behavior, and fear they may stop loving you one day to the next.

This love isn't healthy. It is control

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